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I have been interested in Atving since I was 16 years old, but my family could not afford to buy me an Atv. So, I rode my neighbor's Honda 3 Wheeler, and I was hooked. I absoutely loved it, but it took me nearly 13 years later to get my first four wheeler. I bought this 2002 Honda Rubicon 500 up in New York, and I had a blast with this machine. At the time this was Honda's flagship in 2002.
It was not long after buying the Rubicon and hitting the trails, I was going to need something a little more. I did some research, and felt for the money and features the 2002 Grizzly 660 was the machine to have, and at that time the Grizzly 660 was the flag ship of Yamaha. This became my main quad, and my wife Nicky took over the 2002 Rubicon 500.
For the next several years Nicky and I traveled the country riding our Atvs, and this quickly became our #1 hobby.
Of course we posted our Atv Adventures through this site, and it became very popular, and now 7 years later we receive about 1500 hits a day. This site has allowed us to meet some great people, and ride in places we never thought possible. Through the popularity of this site I eventually launched my own Atv Magazine, and our little Atv business was created, and membership continues to grow. What started out as one atv has grown into a large family of atvs, and continues to grow each year.
We not only have expanded our Atv family, but we have also expanded our own family.
In 2007 we had Trevor, and he is now 2 years old, and loves riding his little Atv, but he loves riding with me more than riding his own machine. I am looking forward to taking Trevor on our big atv trips in the future.
In 2008 we had our second child, a little baby Girl Alaina, so now we have a second Atver, and I am sure Trevor will teach her all the ropes in riding his electric Atv.
You now you know where Nicky has been for the last two years. Between taking care of the kids, and two having two kids Nicky has been home quite a bit. On occasion I will stay home with the kids while she rides with our old 1/4 Mile Crew, but as the kids get older you will see Nicky back out on the trail more. Once the kids are old enough to hit the trail, I will buy a side by side machine for the family, and we will be hitting the trails together.

So, that is a little history about us, and we are always looking forward to riding with new people, and like I said we have met a lot of wonderful people, and that is the funnest part of this site. We always like to here from our visitors so be sure visit and sign our sign in book on the front of the page.