First Name :   Robert Brooks President Ouachita ATV Club
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Comments :   Checked out your site. Good!!!! Our club is averaging 3 members a week and building strong. Check out our site and feel free to sign the guest book please.
First Name :   Scott
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Comments :   Man what a killer time with the drag races, thanks for turning the group around to drag that new piece of O*^(&%(*&#(*&)^(&_+)&_*(^%*&%^&$(&^*)_)(+_+)*(&%!!~~ back to the camp site....All in all had a great time with your group. We will be in Cloudy th
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Comments :   awsome site,like your atv collection...ride on.
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Comments :   Thanks for adding the maps section. It will really help at Wolf Pen this weekend. Also congrats on the new baby on the way. Will
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Comments :   Great website Id like to see your opinins of each of the trails that you have visted.
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Comments :   Wow the website is cool. I cant to make it over your way to check out the terrain. Great website
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First Name :   Matt Parker
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Comments :   your site has come a long way man... lookin forward to joinin the magazine site... next time yall ride in Louisiana let me know... id like to make a round with yall (
First Name :   Charlie Brown
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Comments :   I am moving to Midland Tx. and I have been following your site and thanks for hard work you put into it because it great and hope to see ya on a trail some day. PS try the trails in Wind rock Tenn they are great.
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Comments :   GOOD WEBSITE
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Comments :   Your website has GROWN a lot. It is looking good. We know you will stay with it. Also, thank you for supporting the troops and others who lay it on the line for our country. Be Well!
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Comments :   Lets Ride
First Name :   Chelsey
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Comments :   Had a blast this weekend. e-mail me pix: or Taking Dad 2 get a Griz tomorow so he can join us next time! Time to retire the Recon i guess.
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Comments :   had a blast this weekend in mena, you guys are the best at what you do. cant wait for the next ride and to meet your wife. kiss that baby and holla at us later.
First Name :   Kevin E. Childress
State :   texas
Comments :   wasssup man.. just thought i would say hi... i posted my picuters on Grizzly Centarl under (River Run 10-7-07) if u want to see them... had a ton of fun... TTYL
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