Meet Team Quarter Mile
This is part of "Team Quarter Mile" George far left, next to George is Heath, in front of Heath is Nikki my wife, next to Nikki is Mike which is George's brother, and behind Mike is Larry. We have been riding together for about two years now and most of us live in the Dallas area. We have alot of friends that ride with us and we enjoy having new people to ride with. We created our team name because its seems like every quater mile we are taking a break for a tasty refreshment, speed is not our style and enjoying each others company and the ride is most important. 
This is Greg (me) a.k.a. "Gadget Man" you name it I probably have it. Its pretty bad when I am hooking up a GPS unit to a laptop computer to do GPS mapping or trying to find my way out of somewhere. 
This is my wife Nikki a.k.a. "Rum Runner" she puts up with us guys. Nikki enjoys a few sips of her Rum and Coke back at camp. George is a bad influence on Nikki.  
This is Larry a.ka. "Hell Raiser". If there is any mudhole, or fallen tree to be tackled Larry is there to try it. Both Larry and I are bad influences on each other, if one can't do it the other will try it.  
This is Mike a.ka. "Rajun Cajun". Mike always has good time and is up for any challenge. Myself and Mike make sure everyone makes it back to camp safely.  
This is George a.k.a. "Super Coke". The old Kawasaki is put through the paces when George gets a couple of super cokes in his system. Its always adventure to ride with George.  
This is Heath a.k.a. "Mr. Clean". Leave it to Heath to find a clean source of water. Its amazing how clean Heath and his machine are at the end of the day.   
This is Trey a.k.a. "Cowboy". Trey follows right in his father steps of "Super Coke" George. Trey won't turn anything down, and trys to ride everything.