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Broken Bow Area
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I always like going to Broken Bow to break in my new machines. The riding is fairly easy, and you can easily ride over 100 miles in one day. We rode 90 miles on the first day, 120 miles on the second day, and 60 miles the third day. On this trip we had Nicky (Grizz 700FI), J (SP 500EFI X2), Jsoh (SP 500EFI), Me (OL 800EFI)
Here is Nicky and Trevor. This was Trevors first camping trip, and the first time Nicky has taken a ATV since Trevor was born
This is the cockpit view from the Grizz 700FI. I rode the Grizz 700FI for the first two days to test out the gas tank pressure/boiling, and to test out the 660 gas cap, and 700 gas cap. I ll have the results and a detailed review on the Grizz 700FI
J and Josh on the trail
As I was riding the Grizz 700 I was checking things out closely, and quickly realized the outer CV boots are completely exposed. I said if I make it through this trip without tearing a boot it will be a miracle. Well, I didn't tear boot thank god, but I will be getting Ricochet skids shortly which offers the best protection, especially for the CV boots. Not sure what Yamaha was thinking on the CVT boot protection
J tried to climb this small hill, and almost made it, but got high centered at the top
Josh, on his back again from a slippery hill
This is the small storage box on the Grizz 700FI, and its perfect for holding small stuff
J is trying to phone home. You never know what you will find out in the woods
Well I was supposed to break in the Grizz on this ride, but I almost literally broke the Grizz 700FI. This was the first time I rolled an ATV in 5 years. I was trying to turn into a river bottom, and the rear end came over. I knew ahead off time the Grizz 700 is not the most stable, similar to the Brute Force 750, but after this trip, I know right where it ranks as far as stability, and I ll have more on that in my detailed report
Right after the roll, I realized I lost my GPS antenna. Yeah, the antenna came off, I never thought the antenna would fall off. If the antenna is in the right position it will come off. Well, needless to say this area is the last place you want too have your GPS go out. By the way to replace this antenna cost $59. Just remember to keep that antenna straight up, and not angled downward, but the trees and brush will knock it around. Thankfully, J has the same unit, and I just borrowed his antenna
These are my two favorite machines SP 500EFI X2 Deluxe, and Grizz 700FI
Of course we can't resist tackling tricky terrain, and Josh tried it but didn't want any part of it
J took over and tried it with Josh's machine, and a rock slipped out from the machine and it flipped, thankfully J was alright. But, Josh's SP 500 was just fixed from the last roll over at Muenster, and the pod got crunched again. Josh's SP 500 is our Crash Tank
This is why you should have winch
J holding his new SS center caps. These center caps just don't hold up on the trail, especially on the rocks he broke every single one
J's machine high centered on a down tree
I am using our new RT WARN 2.5 Winch and it worked great
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