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This was our first Quad State Rally in Oklahoma, everyone had alot of fun. We did not advertise this ride too much because we just wanted to do a dry run, and see how things would go. Our next one will be in the fall sometime in Sept/Oct we will be posting dates shortly.
One of our big events/reviews that we wanted to do was to compare modded Outlanders too Non-Modded Outlanders. That is what really started all this, but it has slowly grown into something bigger. Most people agreed we need turn it into a Jamboree.

I will have a full write up on the results, and the mods each machine had on our new site shortly.
Group shot. We had alot of Outlanders and Sportsmans
Randy a.k.a. Voodoo and Chris a.ka. Renegader racing
Randy a.k.a. Voodoo
Chris getting line-up
We used the lights on the tractor as our tree. Next time we will actually have a tree setup. This was also a 300' dirt track
Justin was out there mixing it up on his Yamaha 450
Glenn and his SP 500EFI X2 went against Rex and his Honda Foreman 500. The Sportsman ate up the Honda
Nicky couldn't sit on the sidelines for very long, and jump on my Outty 800, and started racing
Nicky going against Steve-o
Glenn and I had the X2s going against each other. They were pretty evenly matched
After the races it was time to hit the trail
My boot sole was coming off, so the electrical tape was brought out
With all this rain the creeks were up
Myself, Nicky, J, Ed and Rex hit the trail
Then we had a night ride with Glenn, Randy, Rachel, Shelby, J, and myself
It was a full moon, and the ride was awesome
We had one deep creek crossing that only J and I crossed. We decided not too have the group cross this one
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