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Well this is the only riding I did on the Grizz, the Grizz did not even make it off the trailer. The Grizz would not turn over we tried everything and thanks for the people who tried to help. I had to rely on old reliable the Rubi and I was still able to ride. You can always count on the Honda, I must say the Rubi was hard on my back but at least I was able to ride. The Girzz did start the next day once it dried out. My cousin thinks it was the salt and water on the coil or something electrical that got wet when towing it up. Should be more durable than that, but everyone knows the Grizz does not like water.
Here are the witnesses they saw the Grizz in its sad state. Big Dave wasn't feeling good that day so the Grizz was well protected. It was nice to met Graig and his friend will have to get a summer ride in down in.