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I have created this page because I have several friends and family members who have served and are currently serving in all branches of the US Military. This page will help provide information for military personal transitioning from the military to civilian jobs, I will also bring updates of our friends and members who are serving around the world, and what you can do to help support our troops, as well as provide other information.
I have several friends who have made the military their career and are getting close to retirement, and I am always asked, what I am going to do when I get out. I always suggest getting a job with the Federal Government for several reasons. One big reason for going into the Civilian Federal Gov't is the job security. Another reason is that the Federal Gov't is more likely to hire an individual who served in the military. In addition, depending on when you served you may be eligible to receive certain number of points that you can add to your test score. For example; If you scored 90% on a test, and you earned 10 points for your military service you can actually reach 100% on your test score, and if you are a disabled veteran you can earn more points. Another reason is that you can build a second retirement. If you retire out of the military, and you are 38 or 42 years of age, you can work another 15 or 20 years with the federal gov't and receive a second retirement. If you served 4 or more years you can actually buy back your time, and apply it towards your federal retirement. So, if you served 4 years in the military, buy back your time, you can work 16 years in the civilian side of the government, and actually have  20 years in the government. Lastly, there are many jobs within the federal government that can come close to what you did in the military.

I highly suggest looking into the Federal Gov't.
In depth Information relating to applying for a Federal Job Click Here
This section will cover some stories and will provied updates on where and how some of our friends and members that are serving in the military are doing.

Click here for their stories and updates
This section will provide information on the Wounded Warrior Project. People may not realize but there are many more wounded soldiers returning home than soldiers that have been killed. A big reason for this is the advancement of battlefield medicine, and the ability to provide critical care immediately when a soldier is wounded in battle. This greatly enhances their chance to survive, but this means they maybe left with long term disabilities. Its imperative we don't forget about these wounded warriors. In the upcoming months Jacobs Atv Adventures, and Jacobs Atv Magazine will be putting something together for these wounded warriors. In the mean time please visit their site, and contribute as much as you can.

More Information Coming Shortly