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Keith left to right, Nikki, George, and Royce the owner of Mud Creek.
I have decided  to start posting the water level of Mud Creek. To give you an idea of the water level is charted by USGS, you can then look at the pictures and gauge how high the  water level acutally is relative to the Chart.
Now this is a picture of the powerline taken on February 5, 2005, take note of the water level in the middle. It may not look bad from this vantage point but crossing the middle portion of this powerline can be tricky. The water also extends 100 to 200 yards on both sides of the powerline into the woods. You will see in upcoming pictures what it looks like upclose. If you have a solid machine, with a good set of mudtires, winch, and I highly recommend snorkling your machine if its belt driven you will be fine.
Now we were here in October 9, 2004 and the picture below is what it looked like then. Keep in mind where that picture was taken was right in the middle of the powerline(ground level), and we were facing the big hill where I was standing taking 2/5/05 picture. I couldn't find the water level chart for that particluar day but I assume it was at the average water height or just below the average. That particular day we were looking for mudholes to dive into.