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Mud Creek
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We rode on April 9th and the water level was at roughly 6.5 feet which is what it was the last time we rode. The power line was a challenge as always when the water level is at this height.
This is going to be the Main Bog, if it does not naturally fill up the tanker trucks will fill it. This pit and the area is very similar to Rabbit Creek. There is a steep hill to the right where people can watch from, but I am sure just like Rabbit Creek people will be rolling down this hill and doing quad flips.
There are going to be two mud bogs to play in for people to tear up and play in. Now this is how they build mud bogs in East Texas.
This is the new bridge that Mud Creek has put in to bypass the Powerline/highline if the water is too high on the powerline. This bridge and trail will take you North to other half of the prop.