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Well this is the 2005 Mud Nationals at Mud Creek with over 8,000 people it was a blast. The following pics are just of our group, I took over 300 photos and videos and would of ran out of space on this current site. All the rest of the pics and vidoes will be posted on our new site You can see Michael and the other riders on the new site. 
This was our campsite we had our whole group under these beautiful trees. The site was perfect. It must be noted thank god we brought fire ant poision since our camp was initially on a fire ant mound. Remember to always bring fire ant poision.
CW and Larry playing horseshoes, I think Larry was the Arkansas State Champion (special olympics that is).
Heath and Kris get the award for the largest tarp, including Larry and Deb since they bought them at the same time.
Nicki and CW playing Bocci Ball. CW was definately the game master between the horseshoes, bocci, and poker.