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When you think of hardcore mud riding in East Texas there is one Park that comes immedately to mind and that is Mud Creek Atv Park located in Jacksonville, Texas. Only two hours from Dallas, and a few hours from Louisiana this is a very popular park to ride at, but more important it has the mud, and I mean real mud!
Nicky and I, as well as our group of friends have been riding Mud Creek since October 2004, and that was when we met Royce the owner of Mud Creek (far right). We knew even back then when the park was fairly new and unknown this was going to be a great place to ride. I have been recommending people to Mud Creek for the past 5 years, and no one has been disappointed, especially if you are a hardcore mudder. This review will cover Mud Creek from five years ago to present day, and the changes have been amazing, so sit back and enjoy.
As I said, we began to ride Mud Creek well over 5 years ago, and if anyone can remember the early days this was a tough park to naviagate, especially if the water was up, and the creeks were flowing. Back in the day we would always check out the water level charts to see how bad it was going to be. When the park was fairly new there were no bridges, or man made dikes, the trails were raw and you had to slowly navigate your way through the park, or you and your machine could be swallowed.
I am going to break this review up into sections, and show how the park has evolved over the years into one of the premier mud parks in the country. I will cover the entrance fees to the major highlights of the park.
Entrance and Check In
Just as it has been since 2004 to 2009 the check in procedure has not changed. You drive through the gates, drive to the right, and the check in station is on the left. Basically, the prices are $10 per person, and $5 per atv, per day, and $15 per person, and $10 per Atv for the weekend. For a full price schedule please check out their site, since prices are subject to change. Mud Creek Price Guide for riding and camping.
Parking and Camping
There are plenty of parking and camping spaces available. They have over 60 RV spots that have electricity and water hook ups. Tent camping and RV camping throughout the park is endless. There is at least 600 acres of camping available, and great spots where you will not be flooded or sleeping in the mud. This is one of the greatest features of this park is the ability to house a large number of people for large events.
For special events Mud Creek has available a metal barn that can be used for a variety of purposes.
Mud Creek does have two shower areas, bathrooms, and two wash racks to get cleaned up after a long muddy day of riding.
Park HighLights
You may think so far Mud Creek is just about mud riding for the hardcore mudders, think again. People do not realize, but half of the property are high grassy fields where kids and families can cruise around with ease. This park does have something to offer to everyone. The park consist roughly of 4000 acres, which easily provides enough riding for a weekend.
There are several man made mud bogs, and these mud bogs are generally reserved for special events like the Highlifter Mud Nationals, Mud Fest, and other high profile events. However, you can challenge you and your machine in them anytime you want.
This is the main bog for the racing competition events, and you better show up early to get a good spot.
This is the smaller kiddy bog, so everyone can get into the action.
There are also several other man made bogs to test you and your machine out.
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