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Supporting Our Troops
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Marine Poem
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This section are links for organizations that offer support for our troops.
Adopt a Platoon Home front hugs Operation Troop Appreciation
Wounded Warrior Project
Books for Soldiers
Operation Truth
Iraq War Veterans
Veterans Against the Iraq War
National Veterans Foundation
National Committe for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
This section are links to military blogs and Iraq citizens.
Dagger Jag this individual is on the legal side of the war. Kevin Sites is a war correspondent and was the one who reported on the Marine who shot a Iraqi in a Mosque
Healing Iraq this is an Iraqi Dentist who lives in Baghad
Sgt. Lizzie who is a female and she was wounded in a road side bomb.
This CBFTW web blog called My War. This is one of the most well known military web blogs. This is Marine Officer who is station in Fallujah and has reported some outstanding stuff
This is Doc in the Box  web blog who is a Navy Corpsman. This is an interesting blog from a corpsman view.
Patroit Guard
Bob a very good friend that I ride with has been supporting the Patroit Guard. I have done a little research and found out what they do is very important. They insure the death of our veterans are honored in a respectable manner, and shield the families from the protesters.

If you are interested in supporting the Patriot Guard click here
If you are a disabled Vet you may want to check out this website. It will lift your spirits, and get you out in the outdoors.

American Disable Sportsman Website