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Wolf Pen Gap, AR 2008 "266 Mile Ride"
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This was one wild ride, no doubt one of the wildest rides I have had at Wolf Pen Gap. I had this idea of riding from Wolf Pen Gap to Poteau Mountain, and our buddy Chris is familiar with Poteau Mt., and we are familiar with Wolf Pen Gap, so we teamed up and did the ride. Prior to the next day ride we were doing a night ride, and I was racing Mike a.k.a. Pudge back to the cabin, when a deer ran out in front of me, and smashed into it with my Brute 750EFI. a.k.a. Trail Demon. This was definitely a first for me in hitting a deer with my quad.
The next day we took off from Wolf Pen Gap, Jim's Atv Trail House, and headed to Fourche Mountain, we left at 8am in the morning. With plenty of fuel.
We saw some great views and rode some awesome trails, and rode well into the night.
This ended being an outstanding ride. We ended up riding 266 miles in one day, burned up/seized the motor on the Honda to the left, TJ to the right had to drag Dave back 144 miles in the night. We left at 8am, and didn't get back until 1am in the morning, this was one ride I will never forget.

This ride might be bumped when do our ride in the spring/summer from Wolf Pen Gap, to Fourche Mt, to Poteau Mt, to Sugar Creek, to Magazine Mt, and that will be well over 300 miles.