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Wolf Pen Gap, AR 2007 "Flood Ride"
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Here is another wild ride with "Wild Weather" Chris and Dave. This started out as a normal ride the first day. We had my wife Nicky, Jim, Allen, Ronnie, and a few other guys.
What started out as a little rain quickly became a huge thunderstorm that last for hours. The below picture is in the middle of the day, and that is how dark it was.
Here we are riding down the Shin Bone, and we were getting a little nervous since the water was rising. The Shin Bone is basically a narrow river valley, and there is only one way in, and one way out.
The rivers were rising quickly, and it was becoming dangerous. One stall or flood out someone was going to get washed down the river.
The rivers were rising fast, and cut off to some of the trail we wanted to ride. Situations like this you have to be very careful from being stranded, and camping out for a while until the river goes down.
Here Nicky is playing around with my Sportsman X2, and almost got swept down the river.
One of the sport quad guys, had a sidewall puncture and a cracked a-arm. Out came the rachet straps, and the machine made it through the day.
Trail Master Ronnie had a mutiny going on, since the breaks were few and far between, lol.
This was a monster hill climb that some of us did. This was one of the steepest climbs I have done right next to the Moccasion Hill, at Lake Greeson, Bear Creek area.
This was a great ride, and one I won't forget it. Nicky and I had a blast, and Wild Weather Chris, and Dave always bring a wild time to the ride, and of course trail Master Ronnie always make sure we make it back safe.