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Nogales, AZ 2005 Jeff Ride
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No doubt this will be one of my Top 5 Rides for several reasons. One big reason why this ride is so special is because my Brother's Border Patrol Partner died in the line of duty, and this was sort of a Memorial Ride for Alex.
In addition to riding for Alex this was a very unique ride. First we had to get briefed of where not to ride, since some canyons were to dangerous to ride in due to illegal activity.
It was amazing to see how open and pourous the Border actually is, now you can see why we have 20 Million Illegal Aliens in the United States. This is the actual border line with Mexico.
Not everyone got the message there were 3 crazies out riding in a pretty wild frontier along the border. We triped a sensor and were promptly greated. It nice to know the system does work, but the Border Patrol is way under man, and its a very difficult task.
Nicky and I have ridden all across this country, and what was amazing about this area was how large and vast this country is.
This brought the reality back that not all the illegal aliens trying to enter this country make it alive.
Of course our Atv Trip turn into work, when we crested a canyon, and there were 15 illegal aliens right in the middle of the trail. Several of them ran off while the sick and tired just sat down, and we called in a Border Patrol Agent to come and pick these individuals up.
I mention before this is a very dangerous area, and its no joke. I ll talk about is more at the end.
Poor Nicky, and I don't know what was worse coming across trouble, or her riding her Honda Rubicon 500. I think she found it more comfortable to sit on the motor and not the seat, plus the windshield didn't help, lol.
And, I thought I had an Atv collection...
Like I said this was a ride I will never forget. Doing the memorial ride for Alex. Understanding, just how dangerous this area can be, and how sad the state of affairs actually are on the border. It really is sad you cannot ride in your own country without being in danger. This is not a place to ride by yourself, since there are drug smugglers out there, dangerous terrain, illegal aliens, kidnappers, and god only knows what else. No, doubt this is one of the Top 5 Rides.