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River Run, TX 2006 "Swamp Ride"
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I thought this would just be another regular mud ride, but it quickly turned into one of my best mud rides.

Scott, and the crew from High Lifter showed up, and we quickly headed towards the mud holes.
Scott and his brother were tearing up the mud holes.
Super Coke George was with me, along with Machete Bob. This is where it got interesting. We enter one of the main swamps, and a huge thunderstorm blew in, and it began to rain like no other time, and the swamp began to rise. Of course when this started happening Scott's brother Brute Force 750, front wheel broke off and floated away.
We had to think fast, and get this machine out of the swamp fast since the water was rising. So, Mark A jumped on the left rear rack, and the Brute was rode back to camp. On the while back to camp Brain forgot to turn the fan motor on Scott's Sportsman, and the motor overheated, and seized. It was not a good day for Scott and crew.
I almost lost my Grizz 660, and Mark almost lost his Sportsman 800.
Whenever I ride with Mark or Scott we always have a great ride. It was fun having George, and Bob with me also on this ride, we had a great time. I ll never forget when the rain started to come down in that swamp, and that Brian's Brute Force going down.