Our Top 5 Rides
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I am always asked what has your favorite rides have been in the past, so I decided to start this page. We ride all over the country, and ride just about every other weekend. We have logged a lot of miles, and been to a lot of places. So far these are my Top 5 Rides, and if any future rides surpass these rides I will update this page.
Top 5 Rides

#1 Nogales, AZ 2005 "Jeff Ride"
#2 Wolf Pen Gap, AR 2008 "One Day 267 Mile Ride"
#3 Wolf Pen Gap, AR 2008 "Snow Ride"
#4 River Run, TX 2006 "HL Swamp Ride"
#5 Wolf Pen Gap, AR 2007 "Flood Ride"