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Undisclosed Area
Guys, this is where my Atving began 2002. This is where I first started riding, and learn how to ride. This is before I began taking picures or had a website. This is the first time I have been back since 2002. Its public, but private area, and is not openly sanction for riding. You are taking a chance if you ride here.
This is my new 08 Brute Force 750EFI Project Trail Demon running round around on the trail. Be sure to follow Project Trail Demon on Jacobs Atv Magazine
Larry and the big Cat on the trail
Chad working the Rhino up the hill
Larry had to find the mudhole, and Vicky was bailing off
Mad Max Area
Now, Jim don't get upset with Chad the mudhole grabbed him
Which was faster? Come on over to the Magazine and Video site to find out!
J has that look in his eyes, now what?