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Wolf Pen Gap Area
This was the second stop in our 4 day 3 park ride. Here is J and Josh setting up their condo. We just picked a spot along the river and camped
We got the fire going time for a relaxing night
Oh, no what is this?
Josh had some heat issues specifically he had some coolant overflow so this is how to "burp" the Sportsman. Burping the machine ensure there is no air in the coolant system, and everything is working properly. Basically, you want to ensure no bubbles are coming from the radiator, and you want to do this until the fan comes on, and the thermostat opens and circulates the coolant. Then you will see a thin stream of coolant being shot back into the neck of the radiator, this stream is coming from the coolant bottle. Keep adding coolant as needed, and repeating these steps until the coolant stops bubbling, and its full. Also you will notice the coolant will go up and down as you give it more gas the coolant will be sucked into the radiator or when the fan kicks on, then the coolant will raise
Also when you have a full tank of gas, and you have your machine at this angle, or even climb steep hills the fuel will dump out, and its not a little bit, but alot. There isn't much you can do, and its not the end of the world, but something to beware of
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