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Wolf Pen Gap Area
Mark was excited to try out his new 2006 King Quad 700EFI
The Outty and King were ready to hit the trail
Jim joined us for our ride, and it is always fun to ride with Jim. Jim rides a 2005 Polaris 700EFI. Just before we were leaving it started to pour, which was great and it meant no dust.
Out on the trail. The trails were great with all the rain we had.
This section is the last 100 feet to Hawk's overlook, and it has claimed many machines and people. This particular day it was even more challenging since the rocks were slick from the rain. At first we were going to bypass it since Mark is just starting out, and this section is not for beginners, and Jim did not want part of it. I had to drive all three machines up, but it gave me a chance to test each machine through this difficult section. This picture doesn't do it justice. Be sure to watch the video of each machine going up, and the visco lok was put into action on this climb. I ll have the videos up shortly.
Mark at the top
Mark highly recommends the absorber its a great little shammy to clean your seats when their are wet or anything else
Jim and I at Dick's Gap, its a nice overlook to rest and take pics.
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