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Wolf Pen Gap Area
This is where we stayed at Sugar Creek Lodge. We definately have found a place to finally stay at while riding at Wolf Pen Gap. Sugar Creek is one of the best places to stay at they have everything from a gas station to a general store. They have RV spots to huge academy's to stay at.They also have a petting zoo to a saloon and dance hall.  Look for a full review on our Magazine site, you won't want to miss the opportunities Sugar Creek Lodge has to offer. Stay tuned.
This is the dance hall and saloon it has a bar, sat TV, pool table, media center, karaoke. This center will accommodate any event that you may have.
This is the Cossatot Academy Lodge that we stayed in. This lodge is great for large groups of six to ten people.
They also have a petting zoo, and this is a black bear they took under their wing.
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