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Wolf Pen Gap Area
On this trip we decided to explore North of WPG, and found some great trails to ride. I ll have a full report on my Magazine site about the trails along with GPS maps on how to find them. These are just a few pics.
Many trails dead end or are blocked, I ll have them pointed out on the GPS maps, there are ways around these spots.
Alan on the trail
This is where it got interesting. The GPS shows a trail so we take, and the next thing you you know we are breaking brush to try and get out. This lead to an interesting 1 hour ride.
We were trying to get to waypoint 230, which is easier said than done, especially in the middle of the night going up and down the mountains.
This is all I saw all night, lol, trees, trees, and more trees. Look for the full write up on my Magazine, and all the great new trails we found.