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Wolf Pen Gap Area
This time Ronnie wanted to stay at Heath Valley Cabins. This is the first time I have stayed at Heath Valley Cabins, and these cabins were very nice. They have roughly four cabins two cabins house 8 persons each, and two of the cabins house 4 persons. This location is very close to Stein Road, and towards the North East of the Wolf Pen Gap Trails. The owners are very nice also, and we have no problems in going back
Jim is now using a windshield for his SP 700EFI, and this one was very easy to install and use. Lets just say when its 18 degrees the windshield will be your best friend, since it really cuts on the wind
There were several trees across the trail that had be negoiated
Polaris owners heads up. Jim had to go around this tree, and there was a slight ridge we had to climb up. Jim tried it in high gear, and smoked his belt really, really bad. Once, Jim put in Low gear, he crawled up it very easily. Point being don't be afraid to use the low gear in difficult situations. Polaris's are geared really high, when in high gear, much higher than others
Good news for the people who hate Hawks Overlook, the Forestry Service have blocked it off, and cut a trail bypass just below it. For people that are not familiar with Hawk's Overlook its one of the most dangerous sections of the Wolf Pen Gap trail system, and many people have been air lifted off this mountain, or jeeped off. The FS should have done this alot sooner
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